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The Printing and Packing of Work Gloves

We will introduce the printing & packing way of gloves for you in this part, please read the following content if you are not familiar with them.
There are three ways for coated gloves` printing, screen printing, heat transit and washing label
Screening printing is the most common way, which print information on the back of gloves by using ice, it usually is applied on the mass production. You could demand to print your LOGO, CE or size information. The advantage of this way is to show your wanted information by low cost, but only one color is allowed. 
Heat transit
Heat transit mainly is used in some work gloves with high quality, because the higher material cost and human cost lead to expensive price. It can be printed with not only one color, so the drawing is rich and vivid, its price mainly depends on color variety. 
Washing lab
Washing lab is sewed on wrist of gloves, your required information can be showed on it, it could be one color or multiple color, we demand the width of washing lab no more than 3cm. 
As for packing, inside packing and outside packing can be divided into different ways, different quality and different price, details are as follows:
Instruction often is put in individual polyester bag or dozen polyester bag, we can do one side printing or two side printing with one color or multiple colors. Its price is decided by colors variety of words and thickness of paper.
Hook common is inserted in individual packing, which shows the overall impression of work gloves to customers, you can choose different colors, models and material of hook. 
Heard card
Head card also is used for hanging gloves, your logo, description, size and other information can show on it, the price of head card is decided by its material, size and color. Hook and head card are often used for supermarket sales. 
Polyester bag
Polyester bag is divided into individual packing and dozen packing (12 pairs), some customers demand one pair of gloves with one polyester bag, others quest one polyester bag with one dozen gloves. The polyester bag could be blank or colorful, the cost of color polyester bag is higher than blank polyester bag. 
Carton is the most common outside packing in export, it is convenient for maritime transport, we could put different quantity of gloves in the carton according to your request, at the same, regarding information could be s showed in the carton, such as your logo, size, quantity, weight and measurement. 
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