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Latex Coated Gloves

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Many people confuse it with rubber but they couldn’t be more different due to their creation process. Latex can be derived from natural or artificial sources making it even more unique. Latex is a popular glove material owing to superior grip, high elasticity, and ability to withstand high temperatures and tear resistance. This is the reason why there are many types as latex glove manufacturers strive to satisfy the huge demand. In most cases latex gloves are classified according to other materials used to make it. There are different latex coated gloves manufacturer leading to different types of latex gloves and people should never mistake one for the other.
Here are some of the most common types of latex gloves:
Nylon gloves with textured latex palms
These are a special type of gloves made out of nylon before being coated with latex on the palms’ area. They are more popular in the market thanks to breathability and light weight. These two attributes make latex coated nylon gloves a great choice among people who have to wear them all day in construction, agricultural, and warehousing applications. These gloves are also popular among landscapers who handle tools all day long
Polyester gloves with latex finishing
These are gloves primarily made of polyester and then finished off with a layer of latex for its excellent grip even in wet conditions. Unlike nylon gloves textured with latex, these ones are more puncture resistant. This makes polyester gloves with latex finishing an ideal choice for masons, landscapers and construction workers handling sharp tools. This does not disqualify them from use in agricultural and automotive industry.
Cotton/Polyester gloves with textured latex palms
This type of latex gloves is preferred for its affordable price without compromising its quality, superior protection and comfort. The advanced combination of cotton and polyester, results in a highly potent glove that it is an acceptable choice for maintenance workers. Superior functionality of cotton and polyester gloves with latex coated palms make them useful in forestry, automotive and agricultural industries.
Nylon/Cotton latex coated gloves
As the name implies they are made from a cotton-nylon mix then coated with latex for super grip. The blend produces a thick damp vibration resistant glove, which can be used in several applications. Such gloves are very flexible and do not impede the movement of your hands which can compromise the quality of a task. The latex layer increases the glove’s resistance to punctures in addition to extra grip. They are particularly useful in the mining, oil and gas industries whose applications are often followed by powerful vibrations.
There are very many latex dipped gloves suppliers which is why you should be keen when buying. The material a latex coated glove manufacturer uses makes it ideal for a certain task and not the other. Always consider the use intended for a glove not only for your safety but also to avoid compromising the quality of a task. The above are just a few of the popular types of latex gloves in the market and you should only choose one that suits your needs from a reputable latex coated gloves' supplier or manufacturer.