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Coated Gloves

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Coated gloves is one branch of work gloves, common yarn gloves and cloth gloves are base, and then manufacturers processed with different dipped by production lines. Additional coating on the basis of the original liners improved gloves` wear resistance, tearing & pulling performance and puncture resistance effectively. The quality of gloves is improved greatly on the basis of original products, in the meanwhile, the related expenses of labor protection is reduced and the using scope of gloves is expanded largely.
Fristly, in accordance with different materials of gloves liner, coated gloves can be divided into two categories, one is based on knitted gloves, the other is based on cloth gloves.
A. knitted gloves are processed by knitted gloves machine, according to different demand on thermal properties, thickness and permeability, gloves factories use 7 gauge, 8 gauge, 10 gauge, 13 gauge and 21 gauge yarn gloves. The material of lines usually are nylon, spandex, polyester and cotton.
Generally, 7 gauge, 8 gauge, 10 gauge and 21 gauge liners are weaved by cotton and polyester, gloves are relatively thick, so warm performance is excellent. They often are combined with latex. 13 gauge and 15 gauge gloves liners are made of nylon, spandex and polyester, these types of gloves with thin texture, outstanding flexibility and good air permeability, which often are matched with nitrile dipped, latex dipped and PU dipped..
B, coated gloves with cotton sewing liner
A, according to the different varieties of cotton, gloves suppliers divided dipped gloves into two categories, one is cotton knitted fabric, the other is cotton jersey. The cotton knitted fabric gloves are suit for work with heavy load, while cotton jersey coated gloves are suit for used in lighter work environment, these two types of gloves can be selected according to customers` demand.
B, in the light of different material of surface adhesive coated, manufacturers divide  dipped  gloves into two categories, one sort is used yellow latex as coated material. the other is used blue nitrile as coated material. In common, latex coated with excellent anti-skid and outstanding abrasion resistance, while the oil resistance of nitrile coated is more prominent.
C, in line with different ways of dipped, gloves suppliers divided work gloves into two categories, one is half coated mode, there is no coating covers on the back of hand, then left the air space. The other is fully coated, dipped covers the palm and back of hands, so it offers more comprehensive protection.
Secondly, according to the different material of surface coated, gloves coated is divided into four types, latex coated gloves, nitrile coated gloves, PVC coated and PU coated. Different coated possess of different characteristics, so they are used in different working environment.
A, the prominent characteristic of natural latex is soft, abrasion resistance and tearing resistance, after special surface treatment, the latex coated gloves with strong friction. Latex coated gloves are generally used as labor safety gloves.
B, oil resistance and wear resistance are salient advantages of nitrile coated gloves. These gloves are often used in oily environment, or used as general working gloves.
C, oil resistance, acid & alkali resistance and wear resistance are strong points of PVC coated gloves, they common are used in environment with strong acid & alkali.
PU coated gloves are characterized of lightweight and excellent anti-static effect, it usually is used as garden gloves or anti-static gloves.