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Orange Fluorescent PVC Dipped Gloves,Chemical Protective,Safety Cuff

Orange Fluorescent PVC Dipped Gloves
Product name : winter fluorescent PVC dipped gloves, chemical protective
Item No: P-02 
Material: fluorescent PVC & Three-layer composite fabric
Coating way: fully dipped
Size: 10
Fluorescent Single Dipped PVC Gloves was processed by three-layer composite fabric. Gloves possess of excellent thermal, and suitable for use in the cold winter. The specific material of fluorescent is added in PVC, so that gloves can shows good warning effect in the night. This kind of protective glove introduces safety cuff,which can protect users` wrist effectively.
The chemical properties of PVC is stable, so gloves have excellent chemical resistance. 
(1) 12pairs per dozen, 20 dozen /carton;
(2) Logo can be printed on the back of gloves according to requirement; and label can be sewed in the cuff of gloves as well. 
This type of glove is suitable for use in the cold winter, it is mainly used in petroleum, chemical and related fields. 
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