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PU Coated Gloves

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If you constantly work using your hands in difficult conditions, what you need is a pair of nylon polyurethane coated gloves. These protect against demanding, risky jobs by providing comfortable grip, neat design, snug fit in addition to ease of use for any application in a workshop.
Polyurethane is a polymer of organic compounds most commonly used for insulation as it does not melt under high temperatures. This makes it the ideal compound for sealing and coating material for various industrial applications. The compound is also used on skis, skateboards, hoses, elastomeric wheels, gaskets and even suspension components.
Danger of electrocution, burning and contact with harmful components is always rife among electricians, fire fighters and mechanics calling for maximum protection using PU gloves. PU coated gloves manufacturers understand the need to design snugly fitting products that can be used in different applications without endangering the wearer.
Intuitive design of the glove has PU coating on the palms and fingers, not to mention rubber coating on the other parts. There is usually an extra nylon shell lining the insides of your dipped gloves for superior comfort in addition to safety in humid or acidic conditions. A thin PU coating does not hamper finger dexterity but rather reduces fatigue due to continued tool handling. The design ensures that you can maintain the best grip despite slippery or oily circumstances.
PU Dippeded gloves suppliers knit the products with seamless polyester which results in a special textured surface for superior grip. The gloves are available in dark colors, making them ideal for working no dirty condition and thankfully the polyurethane surface is easy to clean. You only need to clean the glove’s surface using regular soap or cleaning agent and have them in perfect condition for the next day of labor.
Whether you are a full time worker or novice, ensure your safety in the workplace using apt polyurethane coated gloves. They are indeed the most useful and reliable clothing accessories in workshops. It is in the workplace that most people encounter hazardous compounds, heavy machinery, hot objects and sharp tools that could badly injure our bare hands. In many countries, it is illegal to work in an industry or workshop without protective gloves. Rather than just follow the law, take it a step further and get high quality PU coated gloves from a reputable manufacturer. They are available in different design, serving as the perfect companion for any dirty job.