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Gray PU Anti-static Gloves ,Nylon Knit Palm Coated Gloves

Gray PU Coated Palm Nylon Knit Anti-static Gloves

            Name: Gray PU Anti-static Gloves  | Nylon Knit  Palm Coated Gloves

            No. :  F-07

            Size:  7#/ #8 / #9 / #10/ #11

            Packing: 120pcs/ 240pcs/ 300pcs

            Technical Detail:

            (1)  Nylon, PU

            (2)  Reusable


            (1) Not easily to contaminated by dust and leave no fingeprint after work

            (2) PU Anti-static gloves are thin & light. strong elasticity ensures the flexibility of hand when operate

            (3) The conductive resistance unit is low

            (4) PU Anti-static coated can resist static electricity, and avoid short circuit when palm or fingers come out static electrity and destory RAM/IC circuit.

            (5) Its acid & alkalis resistance is strong, the skid resisance is effective

            (6) The seamless nylon will is weaved by automative line, the line will not off

            (7) Excellent permeability, it can be washed by water and used repeatedly


            Clean room, electronics factory, PCB factory, TFT & LCD factory, precise assembly project, semi-conduct factory, disk factory, laboratory and electronic accessory factory.   


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