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13 Gauge Antistatic Grey Nylon PU Dipped Gloves, Finger Coating

Antistatic Grey Nylon PU Dipped Gloves, Finger Coating
Product Name:13 Gauge Antistatic Grey Nylon PU Dipped Gloves, Finger Coating
Item No: F-21 
Material: Grey nylon liner & PU Rubber
Coating way: finger Coating
Size: 7-11
This nylon PU dipped gloves adopt 13 gauge gray nylon liner as basis, Finger Coating is grey PU resin glue, The color of gray can resist dirt more effectively. The knitted nylon liner with strong elastic & breathable and good comfortable, so it can fit hands perfectly, Fingertip PU coating with good anti-slip effect, at the same time, thin coating keeps the flexibility of fingertips, all these features allow operators to operate job flexibility.
Generally, anti-static gloves is one class of gloves, not specifically mention one style or one material of a glove. This glove is mainly used in clean rooms or for touching sensitive electronic components. Because during gloves wearing, it is easily to generate static electricity because of inevitably touching of fingertips, while static electricity will attract dust to pollute products from working environment; moreover, electrostatic may breakdown some sensitive electronic components during releasing process..
Currently. there are two categories of anti-static gloves, the first category is PU coated gloves. which similar to this PU fingertip coated gloves. The resistance value of this PU fingertip  coating gloves rank from 10^6 to10^9 Ohms; with charge amount <0.3 μC / pair. So glove surface is not easy to generate static electricity, thus achieving the purpose of anti-static. The other style of gloves with transfer conductance silk, such as carbon fiber and copper wire, so that static electricity can be released into human bodies effectively. in order to achieve the anti-static effect.
(1) 12pair/bag, 360 pairs/carton or 960pairs/bag
Electronics assembly industry, electrical assembly, vehicle assembly, precision operation, quality inspection, and agriculture.
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