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Small Work Gloves Creates the Big Industry

There has one not busy shop in the downtown of Gaomi city, the narrow yard and grey old building. Now the factory is on duty, the sound of machine is transmitted from workshop, but not noisy.


Some people tell journalist this is the biggest work gloves manufacturer in Shandong island----Xingyu work gloves CO.LTD. Industrial gloves is the major product of this factory, all products export to overseas. In the last year, Xingyu created more than 0.7 million dollars, accommodated about 485 layoff staffs.


How does Xingyu work glove obtain so brilliant achievement? What is the profound mystery of work gloves` export?? One workman wearing buld working clothes discover this secret: there is nothing, only keep the quality of gloves. He is the director of enteprise, Guokai. Mr.Guo is about 40 years old, his outward appearance is not outstanding, he doens` t have high educational background, never go abroad and understand little English. But he has many English orders. One small fax is the main tool for company to communicate with outside world. But Mr. Guo is confident: brand has been built up, the supplying of industrial gloves can not meet the demand in the international market, now workers are manufacturing two lots goods for Italy customer and Australia customer,


5 years ago, the precedent of Xingyu Workgloves CO.LTD is one clothes factory, at that moment, it was facing breakdown. After the thorough transformation, the new company began to launch from 1998. Managers notice that company could produce hundreds and thousands work gloves before, scale was big but not stable. Enterprise has to process of leading product and establish stable market if it want to develop. After make marketing investigation, the company found that the international demanding of Latex and Nitrile is very big. But because the producing cost is too high, many foreign buyers focus on goods of China` s factories. In order to response international market, Xingyu CO.LTD fix the managing direction that revolve around the Latex/Nitrile work gloves.


After decided the managing direction, Xingyu CO.LTD active to participate in variety of exhibition and make propaganda, such as Canton fair and other overseas large-scales exhibition. Their actions attrack a great deal of customers from Europe, Auatralia, France, Italy and America, orders also come to them one by one. In 1999, enterprise was entitled “Export-Automatic Enterprise” and “Free-examination Export Product”. 

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