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Level 3 Cut-resistant glove with PU coating

Cut-resistant glove on Level 3 composition is supported by white polyurethane coating. Palm and fingertips with PU coated. It is seamless and a unified entity. Elastic wrist. Sizes: 7/8/9/10

Level 3 of cut-resistant glove
The composition with white PU coating on palm and fingertips
elastic wrist
Use on the dry surface


Polyethylene possesses of cut-resistant character, level 3 of Nylon PU Coated Palm Gloves  can cut off different risks in different industries: glass, automotive, aviation, railway, metallurgy, mechanics, paper-making, plastics, pharmaceutical ...

In order to search for the flexibility and comfort that offered by polyethylene with white PU coating.

polyethylene owns the optimum cut-resistant and safety, and protect operators from cutting of sharp parts. It is dexterous that likes the second skin.

Noted: stick to your size for optimal using

Areas of application

Glass, automotive, aviation, railway, metallurgy, mechanics, paper, plastics, community, sorting, handling and manufacturing steel bars, metal sheet & parts, sharp tool, Manipulating glass ....

Resistance EN 388: 4342 (test strength)

Personal protective equipment subject to the procedure of EC type examination and complies with directive 89/656/EEC. The EC type examination certificate is issued by: CTC.

Every modification of this PPE will protect the invalidate warranty of these levels.

Cleaning: see the accompanying information on delivery.

This glove will give you comfort, safety, strength, dexterity and safety.

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