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Characteristics of nitrile dipped gloves

Nitrile dipped gloves play a huge role in industrial and agricultural production, this kind of glove is refined and processed by nitrile rubber and other additives. It contains low ion, without protein, no allergic reaction to human skin, non-toxic, harmless, strong, durable and good adhesion. Applicable to electronics, chemical, hospital, scientific research and other industries.
This kind of glove has following characteristics in the using process:
1. Gloves are made of synthetic nitrile rubber in the production process, and the ion content is very low, so that characteristics of gloves can be better reflected.
2. In the composition of the product material, this kind of work glove is free of phthalic acid ester, silicone oil and amino compound, which has good cleaning performance and antistatic property.
3. Nitrile dipped gloves are thin, they are comfortable to wear, flexible operation and not easy to cause hand allergies.
4. The blue pigment is added in the raw material, the finished product is not released, does not fade, and has no effect on the product.
If you need to touch a lot of chemicals in the long-term work process or skin is more sensitive to irritation, then you need to protect your hands very well, for example, you can wear nitrile dipped gloves from Huanyu, which is one good way to isolate direct contacting of your hands with contaminating sources.
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