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What should paid attention to when using industrial gloves in daily life?

Nowadays, the using of industrial gloves in daily life is more and more widely used, such as homes, factories, hospitals and special industries. Then what should be paid attention to for the using of work gloves in daily life?
Industrial gloves are designed to protect against wear, slip and water. Decorative gloves are demanded beauty, most of them are processed by embroidery and beading. Industrial gloves are very important in some production workshops. So it is wrong to not wear industrial gloves when the climate is very hot.

work gloves
According to different types of hazards to be protected against, industrial gloves can be divided into general protection glove, anti-cutting glove, high & low temperature protection glove, chemical protection and many other types, they widely used in petroleum & petrochemical, general industry, fire rescue, electric power safety and other fields. Different industries have different requirements in protection level of industrial gloves, so that protect workers' health and safety in the working environment.
In our daily life, industrial gloves should be regarded as a product that is often used, which brings great assistance to our production and life. In fact, we need to prevent sunshine in the summer, some equipments around us also should be protected from sunshine. Device not only will fade if expose to sunshine for long time, but also is shortened the service life. We are afraid of ultraviolet radiation, these devices are also required to be protected. Usually they are put in a cool place after used, but not in the sun for exposure. These protection methods can be used to protect them and increase their service lives, meanwhile, they can create more economic benefits for us.
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