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How to enter into the work gloves market of German

In German, the work gloves are used widely in daily life and industrial produce, it mainly contains two kinds, one kind is leather gloves, the other kind is knitted gloves. The working glove belongs to labor-intensive product. In German, the salary cost is high, so seldom local enterprises produce this glove. German mainly imports working gloves from China, India and Pakistan. Among of them, China is the biggest importing country for it. China` s exporting industrial glove take up 78% in German` s importing gloves. But the latest inspecting report shows that most gloves of German market have problems. During the procession of tanning & dyeing of dipped gloves and knitted gloves, manufacturers often add harm material. These harm material not only demand people` s health, but also pollute the environment. According to the regarding regulation of EU and German, these work gloves are not be permitted to come into market and for sale. In recent, the German Federal Customer Protective Department report to EU that there have problems in the China` s working gloves. China` s regarding department and manufacturing factory should pay attention to this problem. Use non-toxic tanning agents and dying material when produce, and raise the quality of product. Then China` s work gloves can continue to enter into German and EU market.

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