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Pink Light Nitrile Garden Gloves, Nylon Seamless Knit

Light Nitrile Garden Gloves

Product name : Pink Light Nitrile Garden Gloves, Nylon Seamless Knit

Item No: N-06

Material: Pink Nitrile & Nylon Seamless Knit

Coating way: Palm Coating

Size: 10/9/8/7


13 Gauge half coated light Nitrile Garden gloves also known as semi-trailer dipped gloves, half-dipping pattern is relative to the palm of hand, main feature is the coating in the positive and negative of gloves. nitrile rubber in the plastic surface is main cost of the plastic surface, nitrile latex just one appellation for NBR, but not the usual sense of natural latex. As NBR belongs to synthetic nitrile latex, the subsidiary products of oil refining, so naturally possesses of a certain oil-resistance. In current, nitrile rubber gloves mainly are applied in related fields of oil exploration and refining, such as flannel nitrile gloves and nylon pudding nitrile gloves. 13 Gauge nylon seamless knit half dipping gloves adopt nylon liner with light texture and excellent ventilation, so wearing is more fitting and comfortable relative to nylon gloves, as well more flexible compared to other garden gloves in the application process.

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