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Gloves with double poured latex coating

 Gloves x / b with the addition of polyester filaments with a (complete) double spraying latex (gloves with latex coating) tubular, characterized by high density knit - 10 loops per inch - and the total thickness of blended yarns 200 tex (4 threads), 13 class breeding. Composition: 100% cotton. or there is a polyester thread? 

Gloves x / b are harmless to the skin, characterized comfort of use: do not constrain movements of fingers, thanks to the free air exchange does not allow for sweating hands. Higher, compared with gloves grade 7, the density of the product provides extra resistance to abrasion. Latex coating provides additional protection from slipping through the creation of sustainable high-grip fingers with both dry and the wet surfaces. Cuff knitted gloves in the form of x / w gum-free latex coating that gives a snug fit to the edge of the glove hand. 
Latex work gloves have high mechanical strength, thermal insulation properties.Recommended for use in conducting accurate mechanical assembly work associated with the need to grip parts, tools, subject matter, with the works associated with high levels of mechanical stress on the hands, electrical and mechanical works. Give excellent results when working with moving and smooth surfaces. Can be used when working with hot liquids, refined products, chemicals, food processing and construction. Gloves do not hamper movement of fingers, keeping their high sensitivity. Knitted cotton base prevents skin irritation hands.Gloves protect your hands firmly against contamination and mechanical damage, acute angles, fittings, glass, etc. 
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