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Knitted gloves with PVC dot-sided point

Knitted gloves with PVC dot-sided point, the class of binding: 7, 5 threads, Gloves "Star" white glove "Star" blue gloves "Star" orange and black colors
Knitted gloves with PVC dot "Star." Designed for hand protection against mechanical impacts during the works. Differ in comfort.
Key Features: work gloves this model very comfortable to use. Circular knitting allows fingers to move freely in a glove, fulfilling even the most delicate work. A special polymer coating (PVC) product protects against abrasion, but also enhances grip and prevents sliding of hands over the smooth parts. Despite the strength and density PVC coating, these gloves have free air circulation and excellent "breathe."
Scope: gloves "Star" are ideal for precise work associated with the use of valves, parts with sharp edges and slippery surfaces. In these gloves much easier to capture the unusual shape of the objects that are so common in the workplace.
Technological properties: knitted gloves with PVC dot "Star", due to its density, suitable for use during the cold season, they have a high wear resistance, prevent pollution and damage to the hands. Although gloves and white, but they are well washed at a temperature of 60 C. The allowable
The density of binding loops on the 10 inch. Tighter binding provides the best protection of hands from industrial pollution. Low total thickness of the yarn provides high sensitivity of the fingers for fine work.
- Polyester - 65% cotton - 35%
- Class of binding: Grade 10, 5 threads
- Size: 10
- The color of the yarn: White
- The color of PVC: black
- PVC coating point of the picture "Star"
- The weight of gloves: 91 g
- A plastic bag
- In the bag: 200 pairs
- In the pack: 10 pairs
Production in China
Scope of knitted cotton glove is exceptionally broad and often limited to the strict requirements of state standards to protect the hands in harsh environments and working in harsh conditions. The advantages are obvious - the cheapest niche of hand protection and reasonable rates of protection against mechanical impacts, beautiful air through the use of natural cotton yarn.
When choosing a knitted cotton gloves should pay attention to the composition of the yarn content of cotton and synthetics. In the general world trends in higher prices for cotton producers often save dramatically increasing the content of synthetic yarn and thereby reduce or completely negate the beneficial properties of natural cotton.
Gloves made of pure cotton yarn anti-allergy, have a high resistance to moisture and light, but without amplification have low resistance to abrasion. Apply PVC coating on knitted cotton glove repeatedly increase the abrasion resistance. PVC - polyvinyl chloride (plastic), has a good defense to moisture, acids and their derivatives, gasoline, kerosene and fat, which largely determines the durability of PVC application and the total life of the cotton gloves.
Contrary to popular belief, drawing PVC coating gloves is almost no effect on the protective properties of gloves, indirectly influence the density of the PVC coating and the importance of its composition. Quality cover does not fray, does not crack and has a strong adhesion to the knitted base.
Overlock (from the Italian overlock) - a device used to trim the edges of parts and processing of garments to use for serging the edge of working gloves.
Tex (from the Latin texo - weave) - a unit of linear density (g / km) used to measure the thickness of the thread. For example, tex yarns which are made of cotton gloves is 250, that is, the weight of one kilometer of this thread - 250 grams.
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