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gloves with PVC-coated

 The company "Unipack" offers a large selection of work gloves, designed for all types of work, both on farm and in the workplace. The main materials of construction gloves are latex, rubber, HDPE and cotton fabrics. Whatever activity you are doing, work gloves will always protect your hands.

Our company sells not only x / b work gloves with PVC-coated, and HDPE gloves, latex and rubber gloves, which are the means of individual protection. Their main purpose is to prevent and reduce the risks associated with hazardous industries. These products are safely protected from mechanical damage and pollution, often occurring in the workplace. We offer high quality goods at affordable prices, using the best raw materials to manufacture the most modern technology. All our gloves are tested and quality control, which is confirmed by the relevant certificate.
Cotton gloves PVC produced in our organization, there are two types. The main function of the first type of gloves is to protect the upper limb while working with the acid-alkaline solutions, where the acid concentration does not exceed 80%, and the alkali concentration does not exceed 50%. These gloves are used in manufacturing, farming and working with food. The second type of glove has the same range of applications as the first, but their use when working with weak acid-alkaline solutions.
We produce x / b gloves in all sizes and we make them out of the sound and quality fabrics. These products are versatile and very easy to use thanks to a point of PVC polymer coating that improves grip and reduces wear products. They are quite tight to the body, and the elasticity of the cuff allows free air flow without constraint of hand movements. The working surface has grooves to help carry out the necessary steps without removing the gloves.
In our company you can buy the gloves from the IPA, rubber, latex and cotton gloves in bulk. We guarantee the timely delivery of goods without violating contractual obligations. To the address we will deliver your order as soon as possible. The scope of supply can be very different. When choosing a good experienced consultants will help you make choices and answer any questions.
With the cost of work gloves, as well as other related packaging materials, and you can see below.
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