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Industrial work gloves with polymer coating

 The basis of industrial work gloves made from 100% bleached long-fiber cotton, for a number of models used by the foundation of nylon or a blend of cotton and acrylic. The basis of the knitted fabric sewn together, the seam carefully handled to the industrial glove is not rubbing his arm during prolonged use. All work gloves are processed according to the technology Act fresh to suppress the growth of bacteria and eliminate odors. 

Polymer-coated gloves - a large group of workers and protective gloves made by dipping the textile technology base in liquid polymer (Curtain coating work gloves or gloves with a basis). Ready to wear gloves based metal matrix (model hand) and immersed in a polymer - latex, nitrile, PVC, polyurethane. The technological process is rather complicated, for example, revolving line of gloves for 2Hands total length exceeds 50 meters, and at sites 2 to 5 meters produced a variety of operations - dipping (triple-poured), air cooling, heating, spraying of liquids, etc..
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