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 Knitted gloves with PVC coating are an excellent means of special protection for the hands, they are used in accordance with the sanitary requirements of labor protection. There are also knitted s / w products for specific conditions. For example, if it were not reinforced PVC cover, working, working with fire, molten metal, salts, acids or alkali could not provide reliable protection of your hands.

Depending on the degree of protection glove building are divided into groups. There are insulated products, models are resistant to several types of damage, and products with enhanced safety zone x. Buy any construction PVC gloves may be in our online store.
To the visitors it was easier to choose, we divided the goods into three main subgroups - in accordance with the purpose and material. This model of PVC, fleece and cotton products with latex (polymer) coating. Subgroups share common requirements: they must be comfortable in use, to ensure reliable protection of the hands and are durable.
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