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Reasons for the bubble of dipped gloves

Everyone should be familiar to work gloves, one type of dipped gloves is usually used when people work, but many users say that bubbles often appear during use, so what cause these bubbles? 
In fact, the dipped glove is mainly cleaned with acid and alkali by fixing in models and washed, model is immersed in hot water after washing, after heating, dipped with coagulant and dried it, then immerse in latex liquid. It is sent to an oven for drying, and then added to cellulose, subjected to hot water and then sent to oven for vulcanization, finally dried. The next step is conduct inflation inspection after glove is released from models, setting low temperature and drying at medium temperature, washing, dehydration, drying, packaging and then send to finished product warehouse.
The above mentioned is production process of latex dipped gloves, it is also the reason that bubbles appear when people use dipping gloves. In fact, this condition can be avoided as long as we pay attention to it when producing, it will not affect the normal using of dipped gloves.
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