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Work gloves - a universal means of individual protection.

To this day, manual labor is an integral part of any company or firm. While most automated manufacturing processes, labor demand is a simple worker. Hand protection is a prerequisite for most types of work. In addition, the use of personal protective equipment is mandatory regulations on safety.

Manufacture of work gloves - a promising field of activity of our company. Due to the growth of Russian industry, the need for remedies commensurate increases.
Our products are manufactured in Russian factories and meets all the necessary sanitary and technical standards. Our company specializes in wholesale of personal protective equipment. Work gloves wholesale - saving you time and money.
Types of work gloves.
The main advantage of our products - high quality raw materials from which they are made. Gloves made of HB yarns remain comfortable even during extended use. The optimum ratio of yarn improves ventilation-hand member. That is, the hands do not sweat and get tired less, which in turn increases productivity. Our products are made from environmentally friendly materials, it does not cause allergies and is completely safe to use.
Products equipped with elastic cuffs, which are securely fixed to the glove hand. Work gloves are manufactured HB 7 and 10 knitting class. Grade 10 mating the most dense. The 10th class of binding is characterized by its strength and durability. Gloves seventh grade are average, but compare favorably in price.
Also in our range there are insulated gloves. These products are not replaceable if you or your employees perform work for a long time at low temperatures. Products are insulated and artificial fur can retain heat for a long time.
It should pay particular attention to the choice of gloves. Do not necessarily buy the most expensive 5-filament, suitable for most work 4 or 3 gloves an average density of a filament. The right choice of gloves - a major cost savings.
Work gloves in bulk. Application.
Scope of work gloves is extensive, as virtually any industrial activity which can not do without personal protective equipment.
Due to the large number of modifications, use of gloves can be in any area of production. Even ordinary home repair work can not do without personal protective equipment, and construction work in general is difficult to imagine without them.
The main areas of activity that require our products:
different types of production;
construction and repair work;
agriculture, and much more.
The customers of our gloves are as individuals and large companies. Large businesses tend to know the number of our products, which require a month, quarter, year. Therefore advantageous to buy gloves in bulk. Place on a stock they hold is not much, but the benefits of volume discounts is obvious.
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