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Nitrile Gloves with full coated (cuffs - Wrist)

Gloves with fully coated nitrile and type of sleeve kragovogo and are directly related to a number of inexpensive and cost of personal protective hands.
These nitrile work gloves have the integrity, water resistance,oil resistance, resistance to acids, alkalis and their solutions, crude oil and petroleum products. At the same time have employee's ability to protect the hands against mechanical and industrial injury, an example of what can be puncture, tear and cut blade. In term of performance are 10 times stronger than gloves of canvas.
At the base of nitrile gloves, full coverage and cuff-type Ten percent is cotton lining, which gives a feeling of comfort when wearing gloves to prevent skin allergies reactions that have the possibility of when working in a non-natural gloves. On top of glove have a nitrile coating, which is a material possessing properties such as strength and elasticity.
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