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At present, there has not one united and specified name for dipped work gloves, for example, polyester/nylon gloves with nitrile coated also is called nitrile gloves. The main materials of this gloves` surface is NBR, the liner is made of polyester/nylon, these two material composes dipped gloves, which is called polyester/nylon gloves with nitrile coated.
Compared with PVC coated gloves, the biggest advantage of polyester/nylon coated gloves PVC lies in gloves light & thin texture, it is more flexible and lightweight when worker wears it. In addition, what is the most important, there is no stimulus odor in nitrile coated gloves.
Regarding the quality of nitrile coated glove, there are two judgments: on one hand, the flat of plastic surface, flat rubber surface with flow plastic is one common phenomena, it does not affect gloves` wear resistance, but it stands for if one factory focus on workmanship; on the other hand, tearing fingers is another problem, gloves with high purity of nitrile coated is not easy to tear. When you hear the cracking sound of polyester/nylon yarn, but plastic surface is not broken, it represents better quality and wear resistance.

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