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In 2008, global economic crisis happened, the economy in Europe and America fall into depression, Turkey becomes the important market of labor protective production. Nearly half of containers filled with safety shoes/ work gloves that start from Qingdao Port and destined for Istanbul port. The huge demand for labor protective productions makes many factories live through economic crisis and develop. However, it also impact the development of some related industries in Turkey to some extent. With the coming of new round of economic crisis, Turkey began to manufacture some products, in order to protect domestic industries, Turkey` s customs raises the collection ratio of some products` customs duties, including coated work gloves. 
When talked with one of my clients, I learned about that in Turkey, the tariff of one container that value of 700,000RMB is $ 30,000, which is about 200,000RMB. In the end of 2011, the global economic crisis deepened, in order to further protect domestic industries and strengthen the management of customs, Turkey customs raises the taxation amount of 40HQ container to $ 90,000. Under high-pressure management, it is difficult for customers to take goods out of customs by bribing as before. Container was shipped after China` s Spring Festival of 2011, but it was took out strenuous by customer. Many customers postponed the shipment term and wait for changes in government policies. 
Similar to the case that mentioned above, there are many cargos are backlogged in the port. Customers likely to abandon goods because of high tariffs, high demurrage and meager profit, these goods will be in auction finally. Most export business is operated by T/T mode, namely only 30% as deposit in advance, so factories will suffer from huge loss once goods are abandoned.

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