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Talking about the weight tolerance of dipped protective gloves

Some purchasers believe that the quality and the weight of work gloves are closely related. In fact, they are two concepts. The high weight of glove does not mean the quality is good, it only reflects the quality of glove from one side, but can` t be equal to the whole. 
Speaking of 13 Gauge polyester/nylon nitrile coated glove, we usually receive customers` inquiry about weight & price of gloves, for example, how much of 38g-40g/pair, or some people will ask if we can strictly control the weight of glove between 38g and 40g, the answer is “it is impossible”. We can clearly understand this problem by analyzing the manufacturing process of the dipped gloves.
The polyester/nylon liner is fixed on hand mold, then immersed in vulcanized nitrile rubber and dry to finished dipped glove. The degree of drying is different, the moisture of the glove also is different, which will affect the quality of glove. For example, wheat is harvested from the farmland, the water drops after sun exposure, is different after under the blazing sun for sometime, the moisture content also is different. It is the same principle with gloves. Although there are certain difficulties in the manipulation of components in the process, the coated glove can be manipulated at a certain weight scope after some skills processed, which is weight tolerance. The material of glove lining is different, the weight also is different, and the scale of weight tolerance is not the same either. The weight tolerance of two common types of gloves will be introduced in the below. 
The first type is polyester/nylon nitrile coated work gloves,the exported polyester nitrile safety gloves are generally divided into 36g-38g/pair, 38g-40g/pair, 40g-42g/pair and no lighter than 45g/pair, which are not very common. Because the polyester/nylon liner is relatively consistent, the normal tolerance scale of these gloves is +/-2g/pair, which mean that if customer needs 38g/pair, and the actual weight of finished product between 36g/pair and 40g/pair is normal. The second type is blue jersey nitrile coated gloves. Jersey lining of nitrile dipped protective gloves are mostly used of embossed cloth, because the cloth of each batch is not consistent, the thickness is uneven, it is not easy to control the weight only in terms of inner liner. The second reason is that gloves are generally heavy, most of them are more than 100 grams, there are many difficulties in controlling the coating. Therefore, the weight tolerance of jersey nitrile gloves is generally +/-5g/pair, some products are even +/-10g/pair. It may be different from the degree of understanding of the glove products. People` s cognition of gloves is different, it is necessary to confirm clearly when customers inquiry, and whether the weight given by customer has a certain weight tolerance. For example, if customer requests 40g, we need to further acknowledge that if 40g is the lowest weight or 38-42g is permitted, try to avoid the understanding difference in the weight, as much as possible to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and loss.
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