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The effect of latex coated on the quality of film work glove

In fact, the structure of film work glove is very simple, using special 10 gauge high-quality cotton yarn gloves, there are only two parts from the surface, one part is film that made of imported paste resin and other raw materials by adopting professional latex rubber production line to produce with fully vulcanized. The other part is cotton material, these two materials are joined together to form film work glove. It is not only reflect characteristics of film glove, but also highlight the performance of cotton material. These two parts complement each other simultaneously in the using and each other and the public function is completed. Moreover, the latex film also increases wear resistance of glove, the cotton material ensures breathability, and there is no sultry feeling even used in summer.
The overall performance of film glove is raised because of the addition of a layer of film, coupled with the material is a high-quality, so the quality of glove can be assured. The material of film glove is natural latex rubber. the quality of the film determines the quality of whole glove directly. It is impossible to work in a place with a slightly higher temperature if the quality of film is not good,. Although the latex film is not a high temperature resistant material, but glove only is one semi-finished product if it can not adapt high temperature at all. In fact, it is not possible to apply film industrial glove in the environment with high temperature in daily using, so the requirement in high temperature resistance is not high, but can not be without requirements. The high quality film glove has good heat & cold resistance, it can adapt to various harsh environments, and can resist the erosion of various strong acids, alkalis and general chemicals.
Film glove is one new type of labor protective glove, which is made of two main materials, cotton and plastic. It has good excellent-static performance, comfortable wearing, good hand adhesion and flexible operation, wear resistance is 21 times that of ordinary natural latex coated gloves, 11 times that of ordinary PVC gloves, and also has certain anti-cutting function, which can reduces the using cost greatly. It also can be used repeatedly, not sticky, not easy to aging and better than latex coated gloves. Moreover, it is the best choice for allergies because of no powder, non-toxic and non-sensitizing,. Fim glove has good oil resistance to various oils and fats, and is 6 times of oil resistant than ordinary nitrile dipped gloves. At the same time, it possesses of good anti-penetration performance and is especially suitable for working in environments with various iron and masonry. It is acid & alkali resistant, corrosion resistant, has outstanding acid & alkali resistance, and can resist the attack of various strong acids, alkalis and general chemicals. Its  and alkali resistance is better than ordinary nitrile gloves, suitable for contacting with acid, alkali and chemistry of environment. It has strong anti-alkali and general solvent functions. Labor insurance film glove also has excellent heat & cold resistance, can adapt to various harsh environments. In addition, Film safety glove has good oil resistance to various greases and sound anti-penetration properties, especially suitable for environment  with various irons and masonries.
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