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About the new standard of labor insurance CE certification 2016 version

In the production process of factories, personal protective gloves are very common. It is clear that work gloves are mainly used to protect hands and prevent hands from being damaged by some external materials. According to EU regulations, these products need CE certification when export to Europe countries, CE mark must be affixed to the products after they pass regarding tests and get certification.
EN388 is one of European standards for industry protective gloves, this standard specifies the technical requirements, test methods, markings and instructions for mechanical hazards protection of labor coated gloves based on the general standard EN420. A variety of protective gloves are abrasion resistant, cut resistant, tear resistant and puncture resistant. The latest standards is EN 388:2016 Protective measures against mechanical risks, the old standard of EN 388:2003 expired on May 31st, 2017.
The EN 388:2016 new standard has an important change, the standard modified the mechanical protection of work gloves. The “mechanical hazard” of glove protection refers to the dangers that may be caused by friction, knife cutting, tearing and puncture. The corresponding four basic performance parameters are tested as:
1.The number of turns of wear resistant glove material against repeated friction;
2. The number of times of cut resistant glove material resists cutting objects;
3. The tear resistance refers to force required to tear the pre-cut hole in the glove;
4, Puncture resistance refers to how much force is required to pierce the palm of glove with calibrated spike.
Therefore, there will be 4 numbers after the EN388 logo, which are respectively labeled to protective level of against friction, cutting, tearing and piercing. For example, EN388 2312 is marked as wear-resistant grade 2, cut-resistant grade 3, tear-resistant grade 1 and stab-resistant grade 2.
The cut-resistant gloves produced by Gaomi Tawa Labor Insurance Co., Ltd. have been exported to Europe and the United States for many years, they are in line with the local requirements for personal protective equipment and have reached long-term cooperation agreements with many foreign customers, the quality of gloves is superior and stable.
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