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Nitrile dipped oil resistant industrial gloves

Oil-resistant industrial gloves that made of nitrile rubber, chloroprene and polyurethane to protect hands from various of skin diseases caused by oily substances, they are suitable for all kinds of grease operations and general chemical operations. It has a good protective effect on hands.
On the inner surface of casing of mixed rubber that composed of nitrile latex and natural latex, an elastic polyurethane coating is disposed on the inner layer. This industrial glove not only has oil resistance of nitrile synthetic rubber, but also has the softness of natural latex. The elastic polyurethane emulsion coating on the inner dipped makes glove have comfortable and slip features. Nitrile coated glove is extremely flexible and sensitive, there is cotton liner inside of glove to increase comfort, which improve the hardness of glove and increase its resistance to chemicals and abrasion.
Oil-resistant protective glove can be used for refining of petrochemical and petroleum, the treatment of oils, acids, corrosives and solvent substances. Due to the diversity of encountered chemicals, how to prevent hands from damage is one particularly complex problem. Acids, disinfectants, hydrocarbons, solvents, oils, lipids and acetates have different chemical properties, characteristics required to protect against diverse chemicals damage are also different. Therefore, there is no one type of Nitrile safety glove is universal, every type of protective glove has different characteristics depending on chemicals that in contact with hands.
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