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Structure of Safety Gloves

Protective measures for body must be done well for people who work in the front line, especially should pay attention to protection measures of hands. The using of coated work gloves play a very good role in preventing the pollution of dust and bacteria. In some special industries, safety glove is a necessity to isolate external pollution.
Structure 1: gripping design of labor protection gloves 
Generally speaking, we require that palm and finger surface of glove can firmly grasp objects in dry and wet environment after treatment when design protective coated gloves. Usually, these two parts are decorated with PVC beads, lines, and other patterns to increase their friction, suitable for industry personnel who have certain requirement for flexibility of the hand.
Structure 2: Lined gloves and unlined gloves
The user experience of gloves is very important. In simple terms, gloves do not cause discomfort or hinder your work when wear them. Unlined gloves have excellent tactility that offer flexibility to wearers' hands. Lined gloves (linings are generally knitted, structural strength of glove is increased after lining is added) with better cut-resistance and piercing resistance, but less tactile than unlined gloves.
Structure 3: Cuff design of work gloves
Cuff of work gloves are mainly knitted wrist, safety cuff and straight sleeves. The cuff can protect wrist and above part of hands. The standard length of safety cuff is about 6.35cm, while the straight sleeve is generally 11.43cm or even longer. Protective gloves are suitable for being used by industry personnel who are constantly exposed to corrosive substances.
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