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Blue jersey/interlock dipped protective gloves for industrial and agricultural production

The blue jersey/interlock dipped protective glove is one kind of work gloves that can be widely used in the industrial and agricultural production, which is important products for protective glove manufacturers.
Compared with traditional work gloves, blue jersey/interlock dipped protective glove has the following four advantages:
1). The outer layer of jersey/interlock dipped protective glove is increased rubber film layer, so that enhance the wear resistance of glove and prolong service life greatly. In this way, common anti-slip effect of inner and outer layers ensure the normal using of gloves in the work process.
2). It can be used in various industries, such as industry, agriculture, forestry, industrial & mining, aquatic products, construction, and automobile driving. It can be used many work as long as it is operated by hand.
3). During the work process, the external dust is not easy to invade the inner layer of glove, so its anti-dirty capacity is remarkable. It can be wiped off with a dry damp cloth even if some dust is on the outer layer, so it is easy to clean.
4). The inner layer is jersey or interlock, which is moisture absorption, therefore, the hand is not easy to slide in the glove, that is, the glove is not easy to fall off from the hand and can be better integrated. The outer layer of glove is made of rubber, it also has a certain anti-slip effect.
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