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Carefully replace labor protective products

Labor protective products are personal items for employees to avoid or reduce injuries during work activities. For the cost of self-protective products, different working environments have different definitions of service life, in addition, the frequency of using, nature of labor insurance products and other aspects are also related. XXXXXX reminds you that labor insurance products should be replaced according to different working conditions, and outflow should be prohibited to prevent accidents.
Then what are guidelines for abolition of labor insurance products? we should supervise and destroy labor protective products according to the damage of labor protective products, failure testing of protective function and beyond the useful period. The ruined variety, quantity, origin, reason and other conditions are specifically recorded, manager and supervisor sign and file. In general, the application period should consider the following three criteria:
1). Corrosion of supplies
According to different work, the wear and tear of labor protective products can be divided into heavy corrosion work, medium corrosion work and light corrosion work. The degree of corrosion reflects working environment and the using of work.
2). Products` loss condition
According to the degree of declining in protective function, it can be divided into vulnerable, moderately worn and mandatory. The loss condition reflects the protective function of protective equipment.
3). Common use of supplies
 According to the application cycle, it can be divided into common, medium and uncommon. The common used function of labor insurance products reflects the quality of protective equipments. For example, orange particles PVC protective gloves are more durable than smooth PVC gloves.
Dipped rubber protective gloves produced by Huanyu meet the national safety standards, quality is excellent, comfortable, light and efficient.
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