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Specific introduction of Dipping gloves

Latex refers to viscous liquid of rubber tree resin after treatment, we usually call it natural latex, the color is milky white. Various of gloves that produced with this rubber are commonly called latex gloves.
Latex safety gloves are usually with lining, and the inner lining is generally cotton yarn, polyester, nylon, interlock and jersey. Gloves with cotton lining is generally called cotton latex coated gloves, the nylon lining is often called nylon latex protection gloves, and the interlock lining is called interlock latex dipped gloves.
Dipping gloves are usually divided into semi-tipped dipped gloves, full thumb dipping coated gloves, 3/4 dipping (half coated) work gloves and full dipping gloves, which depending on the degree of dipping. Palm dipped gloves without coating in the back of the hands. Thumb full dipped gloves, as the name implies, the whole thumb with coating. 3/4 dipping (half coated) refers to 5 fingers are all dipped, and full coated refers to dipping to the wrist.
According to the surface treatment, coated gloves are usually divided into two kinds, one is physical wrinkling and the other is flat, so there are wrinkles and flat surface finish. 
Coated gloves are generally named according to above classification. For example, 10 gauge cotton with full latex crinkle coated glove is fully immersed and wrinkled. Therefore, it can be understood that the glove liner is 10 gauge cotton yarn, dipping mode is full coated and surface treatment is wrinkled.
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