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Classification and function of cut-proof dipped gloves

Cut-proof dipped gloves are divided into 5 grades. The more common  cut-proof standard is UK EU EN388 (equivalent to Australian/New Zealand standard AS/NZS 2161.3). The specification covers four types of mechanical risks: wear-resistant, cut-resistant, tear-resistant and stab-resistant. The exceptional cut-proof and wear-resistant properties of cut-resistant gloves make it become high-quality hand protection product. The life of one pair of cut-proof dipped gloves is equivalent to 500 pairs of ordinary cotton yarn gloves, which can be called "one will be worth a hundred ".
Cut-proof gloves with good performance of anti-cutting, stab-resistant, anti-slip and wear-resistant. It can protect human hands from being cut by sharp edges effectively, such as knives. Excellent anti-slip performance protects against falling objects when they are picked up.
The anti-cutting glove produced by huanyu are durable, we can produce Dyneema and Kevlar coated gloves with different cut-proof grades according to customers' requirements. Welcome customers to come to our factory for consultation.
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