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New ideas for the development model of safety gloves industry

At present, there are many manufacturers in the labor insurance industry, most of which are small and medium-sized enterprises, their production method and operation concept are lack of scientific and normative, leading to the quality of labor insurance products in the market is uneven and price is chaotic. The following recommendations are proposed for the development model of work glove industry:
1.Determine company' s profit model. The ultimate consumer of industry is the user of protective gloves, but not direct purchaser of products. Direct purchasers of safety gloves manufacturers are generally intermediate dealers or labor insurance employers, two marketing modes of wholesale and customization can be carried out. Company needs to choose right profit model based on production capacity and market positioning, make customization products according to customers ` requirements, or produce & wholesale regular massive production, to clear primary and secondary.
2. Establish company` s difference brand. No matter what industry brand building is the road that the company needs to go for becoming stronger and stronger, establish company' s brand, create brand effect, and let consumers have a sense of trust in the company brand. The brand building is established on the basis of product quality and service quality. In addition, company needs to be particularly prominent in a certain aspect, so that consumers have deep understanding of this feature. The brand concept of XXXXXX is to create “durable and comfortable” safety gloves, so that consumers have a durable and comfortable “branding” on Huanyu.
3. Use the new model of internet marketing. Nowadays, the Internet model is involved in all walks of life. Although work glove industry does a lot of E-commerce, the overall effect is general, which require companies to determine network marketing operation mode according to their actual situation. Determine whether to promote company' s brand through Internet or increase online sales, to build their promotion platform, or joint platform.
4. Continuous to innovate development model. There is no unchanging development model. Companies need to choose different development models in different stages and different environments, they should constantly explore new development models according to their development and external environment. In addition, leaders of company should be innovative in product structure, service functions and marketing channels to maintain company' s fresh vitality.
The development of protective glove industry not only need to depend on companies to do their developing work, but also should strengthen supervision and management of market, strengthen technology development, continuously improve industry standards, and improve the self-protection awareness of laborers.
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