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Development status and trend of PVC dipped gloves manufacturers

As one kind of work gloves, dipped plastic gloves have specific using range and objects, the development environment and trends faced by manufacturers are also constantly changing. Dipped plastic gloves are made of paste resin and environmentally friendly oil. They are durable and anti-corrosive that suitable for chemical, mechanical, oil field and fishing operation.
There is an increasing demand for customized products in glove industry, it is difficult for one product to solve problems in all industries, such as anti-slip gloves and anti-cutting gloves; the demand for multi-functional products is getting higher and higher, oil & acid-proof gloves need to be wear-resistant and comfortable. End users will have higher requirements for product quality, comfort, beauty and multifunction, durable and problem-solving, they continuous to improve requirement. At the same time, product demand shifts to domestic gradually, domestic manufacturers improve equipment and production technology, so that the quality of dipped gloves can meet consumer` s demand.
As for the development trend of dip plastic gloves industry, end users have higher and higher requirements for brands, manufacturers are constantly improving brand' s popularity. End-user bidding is more and more, online bidding orders are more and more, technical parameters are required increasingly high, service requirements are getting higher and higher, end-user` s requirements are getting higher and higher. Timely delivery, timely replacement, timely response, timely invoice, and good packaging. Dealers are increasing requirement on manufacturers and first-class agents. The quotation is timely, delivery is timely, and there is no error, finally, users have higher and higher requirements for product knowledge training, it is hoped that the training method can be used to prolong the service life.
There are many types of PVC dipped gloves. Domestically, it is divided into orange PVC dipped gloves, blue oily resistant gloves, slip gloves, brown velvet fishing gloves, and cashmere gloves. Customized styles are more detailed in foreign countries, smooth gloves, rough gloves, sandy gloves, fluorescent gloves and so on. Variety of styles to meet needs of different customization.
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