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Laborers' protective work in hazardous work environments

The protection work of operators is particularly important for some special industries that often exposure of hazardous materials. For example, operator of chemical production need to wear chemical resistant gloves, which belong to PVC dipped gloves.
PVC coated gloves
First of all, workers who engaged in toxic hazard operations should conduct regular physical examinations, which is the basis of protective work, protective measures should be taken on the site where may exist toxic hazards, mainly for prevention. People who suffering from skin diseases, conjunctival diseases, trauma and allergic to reactions shall not engage in work with toxic substances. To use labor protection articles in accordance with regulations to strengthen personal protection, do not smoke or eat food in places where have toxic substances, wash hands and rinse mouth after meals, develop good work and living habits. Workers should pay attention to work and rest, avoid work with fatigue and sick and other work that may be harmful to health or injury of operator due to physical conditions. The workplace should be well ventilated, natural ventilation and local mechanical ventilation can be adopted to maintain air circulation; all workplaces with occupational exposure to poisons must take measures to limit the concentration of poisons in accordance with national standards. Operators should immediately stop working and report to higher authorities when the concentration of harmful poisons in the workplace exceeds national standards.
PVC dipped safety gloves produced by Huanyu, especially special protection gloves play a great role in protecting workers in the hazardous working environment. Workers should wear appropriate protective equipments as required.
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