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Teach you to identify durable latex gloves (also known as rubber gloves, dipped gloves, caoted gloves)

Latex glove (also known as rubber gloves, dipped gloves, latex coated gloves) is an option. However, in mountainous area, bricks and slabs carrying need sturdy gloves, some operations also needed sturdy gloves. We will briefly talk about how to test durability of latex gloves through simple ways. 
latex coated gloves
1 Choose gloves that are not degummed, to peel off coating by hand through latex and liner junction of outer surface of glove, it is degumming if the coating is easily smash from glove liner, such gloves are not strong. Coating and liner of sturdy glove bonded together, making it difficult to separate coating from liner.
2 Choose soft dipping, good quality of rubber gloves with excellent elasticity and tension, high hardness and small tension are cased by the addition of light calcium. Light calcium also is called stone powder, The appropriate addition can improve wear-resistance, but too much can not be accepted. The coating looks very thick, but the tension of coating is gone, the wear-resistant becomes stiff glove, hand is uncomfortable and not flexible, more seriously, dipping will be broken and glove is not durable.
3 The thickness of glove coating is suitable. The thickness of glove rubber coating should be appropriate, it is not good to apply rubber on the outer surface of glove even pure natural latex. Because the glove will stiffen if too much rubber is applied. Good work glove with proper thickness. It is soft while wearing on, but not stiff.
4 Look at the cotton lining of glove. Everyone knows that cotton is less harmful to human body, while acrylic, polyester fabric and yarn have allergic to skin, especially for workers who use cotton gloves for a long time, so we should choose as much cotton as possible (minimum 50% or more).
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