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How do you think of palm rubber laminated gloves?

Palm rubber laminate glove not only can be used in special industry to work continuously at different temperatures, but also can be used as usual in daily life. Let' s take a look at the structure of palm rubber laminate glove.
Palm rubber laminate glove
The structure of palm rubber laminate glove(latex coated gloves) is very simple. There are only two parts. One part is laminated rubber on the palm and the other part is 10 gauge cotton material, these two materials are connected together to form glove, which can reflect characteristics of palm rubber laminate glove and personality of the cotton material. In use, two parts complement each other and the public function is used.
The laminated rubber o palm rubber laminate glove increases the wear resistance of work glove, while the cotton material ensures breathability, then hands not feel sultry even in summer. In addition to the abrasion resistance of laminated rubber, it is easy to clean if glove is stained with dirt, laminated rubber on the palm can be simply wiped.
Moreover, gloves have advantages in acid & alkali resistance, which can resist the erosion of strong acid and strong alkali to prolong service life of gloves. The addition of a layer of laminated rubber on the palm make it different from the ordinary veil glove(not water resistant gloves). The using range also is adjusted. The palm rubber laminate glove can be used where the veil glove can not be used, which improve the quality of product and suitable for various harsh environments.
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