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Production technical requirements of industrial insulation gloves

Nowadays, the use of labor insurance gloves in various industries in daily life is more and more extensive. The power industry must use labor-insulating gloves. So today, the wholesale of labor-protected gloves will give users a simple introduction to the requirements of the production technology of labor-insulated gloves. Let's take a look at it.
The technical requirements for the production of labor-insulating gloves are to comply with the provisions of LD34-92 "Insulating protective leather gloves for live working". Appearance quality and size should meet the relevant requirements, mechanical properties: should meet the relevant requirements. Withstand voltage performance: should meet the relevant requirements.
The categories of labor insurance insulating gloves are mainly divided according to voltage. They can be divided into three products: A, B and C. According to the materials used, they are divided into rubber insulated labor leather gloves and latex insulated leather gloves. 5kV rubber-insulated protective leather gloves: Five-finger labor-protective leather gloves molded with an insulating rubber sheet. Specifications: length (380 (10) mm, thickness (1 (0.4) mm. Suitable for use in the power industry, industrial and mining enterprises and rural low-voltage electrical equipment. In the case of voltage below 1000V, as an auxiliary safety equipment Use: 12kV insulation rubber labor-protective leather gloves: five-finger labor-protective leather gloves molded with insulating rubber sheets, which are beige, brown, soft and tortuous. The specifications are 380, which is 380mm in length (10mm, labor insurance) The middle finger of the work glove is 85mm long (5mm; 350 type, the total length is 350mm (10mm, the middle finger is 82mm long (5mm.) The palm surface of both models is 1.8mm (0.3mm, the thickness of the palm is 1.4mm (0). .3mm. It is suitable for use in high-voltage and low-voltage power equipment in power industry and industrial and mining enterprises. This kind of labor-protective leather gloves can only be used as auxiliary safety protection products and should not be in contact with live equipment when operating in high-voltage area with voltage above 1000V.
Finally, it should be reminded that when using insulated labor protection leather gloves, it should be carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Electric Safety Work Regulations" (DL408-91 and DL409-91). Insulation labor insurance leather gloves test every 6 months, test voltage (AC) high voltage insulation labor protection leather gloves are 9kV, leakage current (9mA; low voltage insulation labor insurance leather gloves test voltage is 2.5kV, leakage current (5mA. Labor insurance leather gloves) If it does not meet the requirements, it should be stopped immediately.
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