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Details users need to pay attention before and after using insulating safety gloves

Everyone knows that insulated glove is a kind of leather safety gloves, which mainly protect people' s hands. However, materials it uses are mainly rubber, latex and plastics. In addition to the insulation effect, safety gloves must be waterproof, acid-resistant, anti-chemical and oil-proof. Then the manufacture of safety gloves will briefly introduce details before and after using work gloves.
First of all, what details should be paid attention to before using insulating safety gloves? Before use it, users must make sure that gloves are not sticky and there is no air leakage. At the same time, it must be confirmed that work gloves are qualified products, and they must be in the warranty period. .
Secondly, finger holes of gloves should be compared with user's hands when wearing gloves,. Meanwhile, user should also put cuffs of their work clothes in the inside of gloves. If your gloves are contaminated, in the case, you can use soap to wash it with warm water. Do not use banana water to decontaminate it when it is contaminated with oil, because banana water can impair glove` s insulation properties. If insulating gloves are damp during use, we should dry them firstly, apply some slip lime on them, and then save them.
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