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How to identified the quality of cotton yarn work gloves?

Nowadays, cotton yarn protection gloves are widely used in daily life, and the demand of users are also higher. However, many users often do not know how to distinguish the quality of cotton yarn protection gloves when purchase them. HuanYu will make a simple introduction users about how to identify cotton yarn work gloves
cotton yarn work gloves
Look at the color of cotton gloves. Generally, the original white is 100%  cotton yarn gloves, while bleach is polyester-cotton gloves. The higher the cotton, the higher the price, the better the quality. Look at the weight of cotton gloves, to balance them if arrive the requested weight.
Look at the number of strands in the line gloves, 2 strands and 3 strands of yarn braided gloves are common recycled braided cotton, most of original cotton yarn is 6 strands of yarn weaving, followed by a number of strands of cotton yarn weaving . The second is multi-strand cotton yarn weaving. The method for judging density of cotton work gloves can be determined according to the upper and lower patterns of gloves and the number of stitches.
In the end, it is necessary to look at the cotton content of gloves. Generally, the higher the cotton content of gloves, the higher the price, and 100% cotton is the most expensive. In order to test the content of pure cotton, you can take a few yarns from cotton gloves to burn with fire. After burning, there is not felt by hand when tilting ash, it is the highest and 100% cotton. The line ash contains black beans is a polyester-cotton yarn, and the more black beans, the higher the polyester content.
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