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Anti-vibration glove

Anti-vibration glove is based on cut-resistant gloves and TPR material, a certain thickness of foam, latex and air-sandwich synthetic rubber are applied to the palm of glove to absorb vibration. In the winter, the anti-vibration effect also can be achieved if above materials are added to winter gloves. It can also be used for vibrating works, such as hammer punching and motorcycle drivers. Anti-vibration gloves are mainly used for labor protection in operation.
During work, hand is affected by vibration for a long time, it may be damaged by vibration, then resulting in arm jitter syndrome, white finger disease and other diseases. Long-term manipulation of hand-held vibration tools can cause injuries, such as chainsaws, rock drills, electric hammers and pneumatic picks. When the hand vibrates with tools for a long time, it will also cause damage to blood circulation system and lead to white finger syndrome. This is especially true in wet and cold environments. Due to poor blood circulation, hands become pale and numb. Your hands` sensitivity to temperature will decrease if sensory nerves suffer from hurt, the tactile fail and even result in permanent numbness.
Anti-vibration gloves shall comply with the General Technical Conditions for Shockproof Gloves (LD 2-1991). For example, the thickness of anti-vibration structure layer shall not exceed 7 mm, a certain attenuation value shall be achieved for vibrations at different frequencies. According to different materials, anti-vibration gloves can be divided into the different types: 
The rubber tube type, namely a rubber tube made of natural rubber is fixed between each finger and palm, which has advantages of being able to absorb vibration, being bendable, have heat insulation and heat resistance, so it is widely used. 
Sponge type, namely the sponge is installed in the palm of hand, absorbing vibration can be improved if the sponge is thick. But if it is too thick, the resistance of curved portion will be increased, which hinder operation, so it is necessary to select according to work requirements. 
The gas-eye type is light in weight and good in work performance. However, its vibration absorbing performance will be degraded if it is damaged by external force, , so it is not suitable for destructive work. 
Gas eye and sponge are shared type, gas eye is easily damaged by the external force, sponge can effectively prevent the situation if it is added, the performance of vibration-absorption is high and easy to use. 
Air type, this kind of glove is equipped with a professional air pump to load air into glove, its performance is very superior. But it will easily break if the air is too full, so it is best to pack air to seven points. 
Round rubber type, cuts the rubber tube and installs it on the nylon glove, which can avoid some degree of vibration. The effect will be more obvious if you wear leather gloves. 
Cotton cover type, the rebound is small after being compressed even if two gloves are used together, the effect of absorbing vibration also is small, and the expected effect is not obtained.
To select larger and slightly looser glove when choose glove. When the palm of glove is worn, broken, or leaking out of vibration-proof material, the new product should be replaced.
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