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Analysis on the solution to stiff of work gloves

Work gloves are now widely used in various industries, which play an important role in people' s work. However, many users find that after work gloves are needed to be clean and dry after long-term using. There is no way to wear it if gloves are harden after washing. So the supplier of work gloves Huanyu will introduce how to resolve this problem for users.
We recommend using a toothbrush to clean dirt of work gloves. when cleaning them, be sure to pay attention to the cleanliness of fingertips. Put work gloves into a bucket of cold water for cleaning after dirt is removed, stir them evenly with salt and mild soap. Then fishing out work gloves of the water, squeeze them gently to spill the water, then put old-fashioned clothespin in each finger to prevent finger deformation.
To find a cool place when drying work gloves, use clothes pegs to hang them to dry them, soften work labor gloves` liners to keep cotton yarn soft. Continuously to lick every few hours until they are completely dry. In this way, the work gloves` liners will not harden and uncomfortable after washed.
The above method is a solution for the stiffen of work gloves. If above situations are encountered, you can try to use this method to solve them.
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