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Correct using ways of gloves in agriculture

In agricultural, workers often treat gloves as protective barrier of animal husbandry and chemical processing industries, such as herbicides, fungicides and soil pollution treatment.
There are hundreds of herbicides and pesticides in agriculture, and each of them has chemical composition that may threaten people' s health. Therefore, it is important to use personal protective equipment to reduce or eliminate contact with chemicals.
In the dairy industry, the use of gloves has become more common in recent years. It can stop the spread of bacteria. This is critical for dairy farming, because diseased cows (which are infected with bacteria) can not produce milk until they return to health.
Nowadays, various kinds of animal infectious diseases are transmitted from animals to humans, such as brucellosis. This is a disease caused by Brucella that mainly spreads among animals. If people also will be infected if they contact with animals infected with Brubs and their products, they. So livestock handlers must ensure that they do not pass bacteria of infected animals to other healthy animals.
Workers also need protective measures when repairing and maintaining agricultural equipment, whether it is a tractor or a combine harvester, these machines contain chemicals, which will penetrate into the skin and cause health problems if these substances are contaminated by workers. Because of this risk, farmers need one pair of gloves that can withstand irritating chemicals and bacteria.
1) Application of nitrile gloves and latex gloves in chemicals and pesticides
Nowadays, worker of agricultural are more inclined to use light nitrile medical powder-free gloves. Because it is more durable, chemicals & pesticides resistance is stronger and cost-effective. As a synthetic rubber, nitrile has excellent chemical resistance. Farmers who spray pesticides on crops may be at risk of contaminating their hands and absorbing chemicals from their skin. When exposed to hazardous chemicals, nitrile gloves provide effective protection for workers who are not easily penetrated. This protection also an prevent mechanic from accessing many harmful chemical liquids when worker repairs the car.
Latex glove is the second most common glove in agricultural work. This type of glove is also used when workers are dealing with pesticide residues, even if there are no obvious signs of pesticides, the staff also will use latex gloves to protect themselves when handling plants and products. In the past, latex gloves were the most commonly used gloves in agriculture, but now nitrile gloves have become more popular gloves.
2) Application of PVC gloves in animal husbandry
Compared with other glove materials, PVC glove is a more suitable choice in animal husbandry, especially when it is necessary to replace several pairs of gloves in short time, PVC is an inexpensive material suitable for processing livestock works to prevent cross-infection in short-term to. PVC glove also are often used during breeding. Gloves not only protect farmers and livestock, they also protect government and private inspectors, these personnel also should wear suitable gloves to protect themselves and animals being inspected to ensure the safety and integrity of agricultural equipment.
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