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PU coated gloves

PU coated gloves are also known as PU top fit coated gloves and PU palm coated gloves. They are divided into two types according to performance, namely normal PU gloves and anti-static PU gloves. Gloves are completely covered by polyurethane in palm with specially treated, providing good anti-slip properties and preventing contamination of sweat and particle in the palm of hand.
pu coated gloves
1).Normal gloves type
Material:100% nylon and PU resin coating.
Production method: apply a layer of PU resin to the finger and palm of knitted polyester glove, which not only increases the anti-slip performance, but also increases thermal insulation performance. It is an indispensable product for precision electronic production lines.
1.PU coating has acid & alkali resistance, which can increase slip resistance effectively and avoid slipping when grab items. At the same time, it will not leave fingerprints and improve productivity.
2. Anti-pollution, anti-skid, heat-proof, wear-resistant, easy to absorb sweat and good ventilation.
3. User feels more comfortable and fit because of the extreme flexibility
2) Anti-static glove type
material: 80% non-dusting nylon yarn and 20% high performance copper fiber/carbon fiber woven, applying PU resin to fingers or palms.
1. The conductive coating resin is added to PU coating to make the best antistatic effect, it can avoid operator' s fingers contacting with electrostatic sensitive components directly and discharge static charge of human body safely.
2. Good slip resistance and wear resistance.
3. Good gas permeability and washable.
Surface resistance:
Carbon fiber: 10^7Ω-10^8Ω
Copper fiber: 10^5Ω-10^6Ω 
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