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Advantages of PU carbon fiber anti-static gloves

In the anti-static industry, the common anti-static gloves are composed of polyester and conductive fiber, the anti-static performance of this glove is good, and the effect of fitting hand is relatively common. The number of washing is controlled, which is about 100 times for grade A and 50 times for grade B. It is more suitable for optoelectronic industry and circuit board industry, but the replacement frequency is too high and consumption is large.
anti-static gloves
 In order to save costs, many companies have used PU carbon fiber anti-static gloves. This glove can permanent anti-static, furthermore, it has advantages of anti-pollution, non-slip, heat-insulating, wear-resistant, good air permeability, extremely flexible, absorb sweat easily and wear comfortable. It also have weak acid & alkali resistance. The excellent anti-slip effect can avoid slipping when pick up articles, without leaving fingerprints and other traces. PU carbon fiber anti-static gloves is flexible enough and suitable for fine work, which can improve production efficiency better. The finger position of carbon fiber anti-static gloves is more user-friendly, semi-circular in shape and fit fingers, which can relieve pressure of products during operation and are suitable for long-term operation. Gloves are not lint, not drop glue and can be cleaned frequently.
There are two kinds of PU carbon fiber anti-static, palm coated and finger coated. It is manufactured by machine to weave 80% of dust-free nylon yarn and carbon fiber conductive yarn. The knitted gloves are immersed in a solvent, the solvent is arranged with polyurethane resin and methylalkanone in a ratio of 1: 1.3 to 1: 1.8. After soaking, the antistatic gloves are subjected to a water bath treatment, and then dried. The drying time is 50 minutes - 60 minutes, and drying temperature is between 100℃ and 110℃. The methylrrolidone in the solvent was recovered from water bath by vacuum decompression. Finally, it is packaged after drying.
The surface resistance of U carbon fiber anti-static gloves is 10^3 to10^5, which is effective for eliminating static electricity in the human body. It is applicable to weak current, such as precision instrument assembly, electronics, instrumentation and other industries.
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