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How to solve the discoloration of protective gloves

In terms of workers' personal safety protection and reducing occupational hazards, the role of labor protection gloves is very great. In order to ensure the cleanliness and longer life of gloves, cleaning and maintenance of gloves after using is a very important measure and method. However, not all cleaning and maintenance can guarantee new look of the gloves, sometimes cleaning will make gloves fade and harden. So what is going on here? and how can we solve such problems?
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1.Anti-drying method
As the name implies, the gloves are aired in the opposite direction after washing, especially those protective gloves with darker colors. According to professionals, most glove fabrics can not be exposed to the sun directly, but they can be dried in reverse to avoid the possibility of discoloration. It is more suitable to dry in a cool and ventilated place if any possible.
2. Solution by salt water immersion
Newly purchased protection gloves, especially knitted gloves and canvas gloves, it is better to soak them with high-concentration saline for half an hour before use, and then wash gloves according to the usual washing method. If the discoloration still occurs after the first washing, then soak it in salt water for ten minutes before every washing. Generally, the discoloration will not occur after three or five times.
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