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The selection and using of safety gloves should be known

Safety glove is an indispensable protective device in daily production and are required in many workplaces, the using of safety gloves can protect workers` hands better. But there are many types of safety gloves on the market. How should we choose? Many people have such question.
using of safety gloves
How to choose protective gloves
The selection of protection gloves must be correct. It is likely to bring security risks and does not provide the expected protection if the selection is not correct, so you must pay attention to selection. The choice should be based on the usage area. For example, gloves with acid and alkali resistance are required if the workplace needs to be exposed to corrosive substances, but even acid & alkali resistant gloves also have more types. We must know the state and characteristics of substances we are in contact with, so that we can select the right gloves in a targeted manner.
At present, there are many types of safety gloves on the market, such as oil-resistant gloves, acid & alkali-resistant gloves, anti-vibration gloves, and cut-resistant gloves. When choosing gloves, you must select the correct type, and can not misuse or mix them, otherwise accidents will occur easily.
Daily using of protective gloves
1. Before use protective gloves, be sure to check the condition of gloves, you must not continue to use them if there is any damage and aging. You must replace them with new ones.
2. Wash and dry gloves after using them.
3, In general, safety gloves should be stored in ventilated and ventilated places, especially to avoid gloves exposed to sunlight directly, otherwise they will easily age.
In short, there are many types of safety gloves, which must be selected properly and used correctly, so as to ensure that workers` hands are protected better. Finally, we would like to remind everyone that you had better buy from formal large manufacturers, so that ensure good quality of and you can also enjoy supporting after-sales service.
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