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Cut-resistant series of labor protection gloves

Cut-resistant gloves, we can understand its use literally, that is to prevent hand from cuts and scratches. This series of gloves are widely used in work places with high-risk, such as rescue & disaster relief, sharp weapon handling, glass processing, wire cutting, garbage sorting, sheet processing, tool production and security patrol.
cut resistant gloves
1.High-strength HPPE fiber
Among safety gloves, the yarn used in anti-cutting series is a special kind of HPPE fiber, its strength is more than ten times that of steel wires of the same cross section, and the specific modulus is only second to special grade carbon fiber. It is used in aerospace, Military, deep sea voyage and other key areas. Because of the existence of this material, the cut-resistant performance of this glove has reached level 5 of European standard, which not only has high strength, but also is lighter and more flexible than traditional steel cut-resistant gloves.
2.Type of coating
The cutting-resistant gloves of Goodal Protective Product Co., Ltd basically with different coating, which are suitable for different scenarios. H505 uses latex coating with wrinkles, natural latex has good softness, and wrinkles on the palm enhance the grip of gloves. H515 uses gray PU (polyurethane) coating, which has acid and alkali resistance, not only has good anti-slip performance, but also does not leave fingerprints. It is suitable for precision instrument production. H525 uses smooth nitrile coating, which is resistant to oil and acid corrosion. H535 uses latex with matte finish, which is double wear-resistant, has good anti-skid function and shock absorption in dry & wet environments.
The protective effect of safety gloves on hands does not need to be universalized any more, everyone has already felt its protective effect in daily work. Goodal Protective Production Co., Ltd has a total of 11 glove series, each serie is suitable for specific work scene, the types of gloves under each series subdivided different work scenes. We are striving to use these technology and experience to be a guardian of hand health.
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