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As a research & development and production enterprise, Goodal`s safety gloves are beautiful in design, durable, practical and are well received by consumers. Products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions, such as Americas, Russia and European Union. Goodal gloves have many types, which are mainly divided into 11 series, such as embossing, smoke spray frosting, comfortable & breathable and anti-cutting. There are more than 30 kinds of gloves.
1.Embossed series
Embossed series are high-volume products in safety gloves. We are adopting international technology to make rubber surface and yarn are more fitted, then the durability is higher. The embossing of palm surface is adopted physical process, does not apply to organic solvents, green and environmentally friendly, no odor and increases non-slip wear resistance. They fit hands better and elastic line is longer when modeling. This product is suitable for construction industry, logistics handling, metallurgy & minerals, hardware tools, landscaping and daily labor.
Cut Resistant Gloves
2.Anti-cutting series
Cut-resistant gloves are high-strength product in safety gloves. They are made of HPPE fiber, which is widely used in aerospace, military and other key areas. The cut-resistant performance of gloves that made from HPPE fiber reaches Grade 5 of European standards, which are stronger and more flexible than traditional wire-cut gloves. Anti-cutting gloves are suitable for disaster relief, sharp weapon handling, glass processing, wire cutting, garbage sorting, sheet processing, tool production, security inspection, etc.
3.Frosted series
Double-dipped gloves. The palm surface adopts porous structure like honeycomb to increase the friction area. It is anti-slip and shock absorption in dry & wet environments. They do not contain harmful chemical ingredients, are fully washed, safe and environmentally friendly. This kind of gloves are suitable for construction, metallurgy & minerals, logistics & transportation, aquatic products, automobile maintenance, equipment maintenance, etc.
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