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How to choose high temperature resistant gloves at 1000 degrees?

High temperature protection is relatively special, which is related to personal safety. Therefore, you must be very careful when choosing high temperature resistant gloves. Gaomi Goodal Protective Production Co., Ltd. reminds that you must learn about your environment and protection requirements, so that work safely. When the temperature of objects to be contacted reach 1000℃, you must choose gloves that can withstand 1000℃, and the protection also is instantly resistant to high temperatures, heat will be conducted, and the thickness of the work gloves is limited. So hands will feel high temperature inevitably. High temperature resistant gloves must be tested before use to see how long they can withstand? Pay attention to time control during operation to operate safely and avoid injury to the body.
1000℃ high temperature resistant gloves are made of mixed aramid material and aluminum foil flame retardant cloth, which has good high temperature resistance and radiation heat resistance. The palm is reinforced with super kevlar wear-resistant cloth to extend the service life of gloves, which can resist 1000 ℃ high temperature in short time..
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